Architecting IT Technology Review: Exploring the Vexata VX-OS Architecture

Modern business thrives on data, but the industry has reached an inflection point where the limits of traditional architectures are limiting further growth. At the SSD media level, Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) has emerged as a leading protocol to exploit modern solid-state disk and storage class memory.

This white paper by analyst Chris Evans from Architecting IT provides a detailed analysis of the Vexata architecture, products and use cases with particular focus on:

  • Architectural overview
  • Advantages to separating the control and data plane
  • Attributes of the distributed architecture
  • Exploiting NVMe media to maximize performance at scale
  • Enterprise connectivity and protocol flexibility

This paper provides an independent third party analysis of how Vexata has delivered a purpose-built storage platform that fully utilizes NVMe media, resulting in a solution that delivers deterministic latency and performance for the machine learning, AI and analytic workloads that consume the data.